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Grah Dhoop

Grah Dhoop

NRs 2995

The Planet Incense Stick
World's first and only patent in the category of dhoop sticks Patent No. 1122 / MUM / 2001

Vaidic Philosophy
Extracts from Rugvediy Bramha Karm as a basis for development of Grah Dhoop. World's first and only patent in the category of dhoop sticks Patent No. 1122 / MUM / 2001

The divine fragrance of energetic life. Welcome to the Aromatic world of "Vaidic Sanskar" a world where your "Aura" will be cared for and nourished by nature's renowned planetary herbs. Grah Dhoop Stickes with regular use, will transform your "Aura". Strengthening it slowly everyday resulting in perfect health. All the seven days are influenced by the respective planets. The Grah Dhoop sticks are made from natural, sustainable planet sources. Each stick is made with specific intention to enhance the ambience of your surrounding and to add a divine touch with its specific aromatic scent sourced from special planetary herbs.

The special raw material constitutes of Chandan, Dhoop, Flower, Samidha (planet sticks) and the essential oils. The constitution and use of above raw material differs from weekday to weekday. All special five ingredients, which influence that particular weekday are mixed in a particular vessel made of related planetaria metal at the particular HORA (the time when the planet influences the weekday the most). The paste manufactured is processed through the machines to give the specific required shape and the length of 7 centimeter to "The Planetary Incense Stick (Grah Dhoop)". In day to day life tension or mental stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and all kinds of phobias are the basics behind the extensive medication throughout the world which results in complication of disease due to direct and indirect intake of various chemicals. Aromatherapy is the safest answer because aromas have been popularly used for ages to improve the psychosomatic nature of human being. "The Planetary Incense Stick (Grah Dhoop)" there is nothing lovelier on this planet than a flower or more essential than a plant. The process of shaping "The Planetary Incense Stick(Grah Dhoop)" is carried our during the specific influence hour. (HORA).